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Time to plant vegetables

Which vegetables do well in the shade? Can I overwater my garden?  We looked at how to plan your garden, prepare the soil and grow a flower garden. We are moving on to how to plant a vegetable garden to produce tasty vegetables and even save you money. Colourful, nutritious and delicious. Similar to a flower garden, start with 2-3 vegetable varieties until you achieve the desired results then add more. Depending on the vegetables you choose some will require more work and time for success. Planting, watering, fertilizing and weeding will ensure the best chance for a bountiful yield. Plan for what you can eat but also freeze or share extras. A small well-tended garden will yield more produce than an unattended plot overgrown with weeds and disease. Don't feel overwhelmed. Plant what you like to eat. There are many vegetables that require little maintenance, are ready to harvest within a short period of time and have few pests. Try beans, beetroot, radish, chilli, and potatoes. First

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