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Planning a Garden - Soil Preparation

I have my tools, seeds and plants ready- what do I do next? How much importance is soil condition for a garden? Preparing your soil for the best garden possible In order to grow delicious, nutritious vegetables and beautiful flowers, it is important to prepare your soil.  While soil preparation isn’t terribly exciting, ensuring h ealthy soil will help your garden off to a great start.   Before you begin planting, take a look at the texture of your soil, its density, moisture, drainage and capacity to hold nutrients  – essentially the soul of your soil . It is the foundation.  So il  is a microscopic world rich  with a vast array of organisms that breathe life into your garden.  There are different types of soil. Sandy soil is light, dry, warm, acidic and low in nutrients but  it has good drainage and is  easy to work with. Clay soil is heavy, wet, and cold but holds high amounts of water and nutrients. Silty soil , a texture between sand and clay,  is light and holds moisture well. Pe

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