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The Healthy Home - The Kitchen

What is lurking in the kitchen that is doing more harm than good? Are all cooking methods the same to save vital nutrients?  The Kitchen - Heart of the home The kitchen is a gathering place for family and friends - a place to create wonderful memories. Healthy memories. Foods  The different types of foods we eat, referenced to the glycemic index, directly affects our blood sugar levels. Eating foods high on the index contributes to obesity, diabetes and other inflammatory diseases. Avoiding refined sugars, starches and processed foods while consuming a diet rich in deep-coloured fresh fruits and vegetables is a good alternative. Another important consideration is the acid-alkaline balance . Consuming too many acid-producing foods increases the risk of osteoporosis and cancer. The body sacrifices bone tissue enlisting the minerals as a buffer against the corrosive effects of excess acidity. Thus, consume more whole foods and less processed foods reduced acid load. Pota

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